Farm Management Services

Haskell Agency develops a management plan for your farm which will provide a crop or range operating plan, project income, expenses and profit and offer other recommendations.

Objectives are to seek the highest return with the least damaging effects to the resource and limit the exposure on the marketing of the crops. The owner may have a direct role or active participation in the production activities and in the opportunities to enhance the value of his/her land through sensible improvements and proper farming techniques.

The fee for services is a 10 percent commission of the landlord's proceeds from crop and cattle sales, crop insurance and government payments. Production expenses such as fertilizer and other production inputs are deducted before the commission is calculated. Not included as expenses are the real estate taxes and long term improvements which are done under separate agreements.  This arrangement was developed to reflect the fact that management practices should be judged on their impact to the bottom line, and not only on the increase of the gross sales.  The activity and progress of the operation is reported back to the clients through periodical written reports that include current digital images of their land.
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